One comment on “Whats going on with B………………

  1. I am a Beyonce fan, a true one I might say but after seeing her most recent album cover (4) and this picture I havegot to ask what is going on with B???
    Now some would say that this is just a picture, it has been digitally enhanced, its the flash lighting ect. I personally think that she is trying to look white. WHY??? I suppose this is a question that only she can answer although some would argue that it maybe a question for her stylist, her management team, whoever!! At the end of the day Beyonce is in a position of power in terms of the fact that she is a successful black female who not many people can touch. She is an international superstar. Herself and Jay Z are often referred to as a “Super Couple” so why on earth would she want to make herself look white?? I just dont get it. So I throw it out there, IS BEYONCE TRYING TO LOOK WHITE????

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